Now – 18th October 2022


Updated 18th October 2022 from Nontron, France

Home: Still shuffling around beds – took bunk bed apart and put back together in the Sous-Sol – same for a grey storage bed. I managed to go through two of the bunk bed steps when kneeling on it – much bruising! So opportunity to put together the table saw and make a few new steps with a lot of reinforcement!!! Freezing last of the season’s apples and enjoying the autumn crocuses blooming. Local organic food basket shifting with the season as expected – got a turnip last week! Still only 15 Euros. Total bargain, and we’re using seasonal vegetables we’ve never considered using before – Chard seems to be a staple these days! New breadmaker makes respectable sourdough, so that’s made things a lot easier. Oh, and I realized shortbread is just like making compacted crumble, and is too delicious. I put on a kilo in the last few weeks. Pat’s been getting some help from Carol in working through the immense roomful of bedding upstairs (an accumulation from many moves over many years) which is honestly a real relief. And we sold a bed – they’ll be coming for a mattress too – decluttering through recycling gives a better feeling than trips to the déchetterie (rubbish tip).

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